South Africa puts Canada to shame regarding Palestine

  Like Canada, South Africa is a former British colony and settler state. But the divide between these two countries regarding the world’s most aggressive ongoing European colonialism is stark. While Pretoria assists Palestinians by advocating the boycott of a cultural event, Canadians subsidize huge private donations to a wealthy apartheid state. On November 13... Continue Reading →

David Suzuki an environmentalist to emulate

While we need to be careful about lionizing any individual and our central focus should always be on building collective strength, this writer’s favorite high-profile environmentalist is David Suzuki. He seems committed, brave, cognizant of the big picture linking environmental, social, political and economic struggles as well as willing to speak truth to power. Suzuki’s... Continue Reading →

On being called ‘vile’ by Elizabeth May

Does Elizabeth May owe me an apology? You decide. Here is what happened: May called me “vile” in order to curry favor with the individual largely responsible for the Green Party unraveling. After Annamie Paul’s senior advisor Noah Zatzman threatened to defeat Green MPs and said they — as well as Jagmeet Singh, Liberal MPs... Continue Reading →

Toronto School Board erases Palestine

Executive officer at the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (Toronto) Jason Kunin recently posted to Facebook: “It seems that as a result of Desmond Cole’s unscripted calls of ‘Free Palestine’ during a TDSB [Toronto District School Board] conference in late September, the Board has implemented a temporary ban on ALL outside guest speakers, even for... Continue Reading →

Red poppies promote militarism

Progressives shouldn’t buy or wear red poppies. Remembrance Day promotes martial patriotism and the militaristic, imperialistic, Royal Canadian Legion owns the copyright to the red poppy. Red poppies commemorate Canadians who have died at war. Not being commemorated are the Afghans, or Libyans killed by Canadians in the 2000s, or the Iraqis and Serbians killed... Continue Reading →

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