Profit seeking capitalists hold back US Empire China hawks 

It’s odd agreeing with Terence Corcoran, Robert Friedland, Barrick Gold’s CEO and other leading capitalists. But they are the main force checking the out-of-control intelligence agency/military industrial complex/US Empire faction of Canada's ruling class promoting conflict with China. Canadian foreign policy is broadly driven by two main factors: support for empire (historically British and today US) and... Continue Reading →

Israel lobby makes mockery of ‘antisemitism’ accusations

Seven years ago, I was viciously attacked for an article arguing that antisemitism is the most abused term in Canada today. The recent manufactured outrage over Roger Waters suggests the statement is even more true today. Recently, officials in the fascistic, openly Jewish supremacist, Israeli government attacked the famed rockstar’s performance in Berlin. Israel’s anti-Palestinian... Continue Reading →

One foreign government openly interferes in Canadian politics

Amidst widespread anxiety over foreign interference in this country’s politics, Israel’s embassy recently mobilized its domestic lobby to strategize on shaping Canadian policy. The absence of media outrage, or even a little embarrassment, speaks loudly about which foreign governments are allowed to ‘interfere’ in Canadian politics. A couple of attendees highlight the remarkable cynicism of... Continue Reading →

CAE is Ottawa’s poster child in global arms race

When people around the world ponder Canada thoughts of maple syrup, hockey players and training military pilots come to mind. This country has long dominated the flight simulation market and Ottawa has long assisted Canada’s leading military supplier. Last Friday Anita Anand met CAE officials in Montreal. The defense minister tweeted photos of the event... Continue Reading →

Truth about Canadian aid policy revealed in briefing note

What would you guess a Canadian minister of international development actually does? Likely answers: Oversee aid to poor countries; Attend meetings about international assistance; Lobby his cabinet colleagues about the importance of aid. Meet with foreign officials to discuss ways of making a better world. Certainly not selling arms. That would never be part of... Continue Reading →

Ambitious Liberal MP sells his (leftist) soul for power

Personal political ambition is dangerous. It drives nice people to accommodate themselves to flagrant injustices and often also to directly enable imperialism. Two decades ago, current Liberal MP Sameer Zuberi and I were elected together as part of a slate to oversee the Concordia Student Union. An already charged campus, politics blew up after protesters,... Continue Reading →

Big bad Canada pushes to protect profits from Mexico

The Trudeau government is pressing Mexico to maintain its loosely regulated, pro-capitalist mining policies. Recently the Mexican government initiated more socially and ecologically sound mining legislation. The reform shortens mining concessions, tightens rules for water permits and requires companies to provide at least 10 per cent of profits to the communities where they operate. In... Continue Reading →

Mongolia shows foreign policy dominated by mining companies

An important facet of Canadian foreign policy is advancing the interests of mining companies. In Mongolia it’s largely all Global Affairs Canada does. Canadian ambassador Catherine Ivkoff regularly travels to Canadian-run mines, speaks at international mining conferences, does interviews with mining publications and talks up the sector in various other business and political forums. “We... Continue Reading →

Top 10 reasons NOT to subsidize electric car industry

Recently the Liberals announced $13 billion in support to attract Volkswagen to establish an electric car battery production facility halfway between Toronto and Detroit. The German auto manufacturer will set up its factory on “1,500 acres of prime agricultural land” in St. Thomas, Ontario. The government claims its motivation is ecological. But here are the... Continue Reading →

Once again Ontario NDP bows to pro-apartheid bullies

The Ontario NDP has once again succumbed to pressure from the anti-Palestinian, Islamophobic and anti-egalitarian B’nai Brith. Last night newly elected Ontario NDP MPP Sarah Jama re-tweeted Palestinian academic Noura Erakat’s statement on the death of Palestinian prisoner Khaled Adnan. Erakat tweeted, “Sheikh Khaled Adnan has died on day 90 of his hunger strike in... Continue Reading →

Pro-war propagandists try to shut down all dissent

Despite near total dominance of the narrative in the media, Canada’s NATO stenographers seem worried. Their reaction to an interview by South Africa’s envoy suggests an understanding that much of the world and many Canadians disagree with them. In a recent Canadian Press interview South Africa’s High Commissioner to Canada, Rieaz Shaik, criticized Canada’s role... Continue Reading →

NDP further to right than Macron over China

The French president’s recent statement on China ought to embarrass the NDP’s foreign affairs critic. But with the US empire’s perspective dominating Canadian media it’s unlikely. On a visit to Beijing Emmanuel Macron said Europe should distance itself from US-Chinese tensions over Taiwan. Calling for Europe to avoid being drawn into “block-to-block logic” or becoming... Continue Reading →

Conservative leader inadvertently right about CBC

Like a stopped watch that tells the correct time twice a day, Pierre Poilievre is right about Canada’s ‘public’ broadcaster. CBC is a government-funded media outlet that acts as a state, rather than public, broadcaster in its coverage of Canadian foreign policy. Recently the extreme right Conservative party leader asked for Twitter to label CBC... Continue Reading →

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