Canada pushing unwinnable war harms Ukrainians

The Liberals and elements of the dominant media are criticizing the Conservatives for their insufficient commitment to Ukraine. But it’s those who have promoted the NATO proxy war that have damaged the country. The prime minister and Liberal ministers have denounced the Conservatives for not voting for the Canada-Ukraine free trade deal. They are seeking... Continue Reading →

The doublethink of ‘genocide education’

Fall 2023 is a strange time to be alive or to die. For example, “genocide education” is being instigated to enable current genocidal policies. The Nazi Holocaust is increasingly being deployed to justify killing and dispossessing Palestinians. Recently Israel’s delegation at the United Nations wore yellow stars, a symbol of Nazi persecution of Jews. The... Continue Reading →

Place where protests didn’t happen does support Israel 

Apologists for Israeli crimes are constantly gaslighting Palestinians and their supporters. They seek to make those opposing violence and colonialism feel like oppressors. Last Friday a rally was held in front of Deputy Prime Minister Christya Freeland’s office in Toronto. Freeland recently declared that “Canada stands with Israel” and when she was foreign minister said Canada... Continue Reading →

Resistance to Ukraine occupation good, Palestine bad: politicians

Jewish suffering matters to Canadian politicians. Palestinian suffering doesn’t. Soon after the resistance broke through their cage in Gaza, the leaders of Canada’s four main federal parties condemned the Palestinians. The same politicians who cheer on resistance to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine denounce Palestinian fighters who captured Israeli tanks, soldiers and bases, all instruments of... Continue Reading →

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