Where are voices for peace in Parliament?

Canada is calling for “regime change” in Russia in a new escalation of the NATO proxy war. During a press conference on Friday foreign affairs minister Mélanie Joly said, “we’re able to see how much we’re isolating the Russian regime right now — because we need to do so economically, politically and diplomatically — and... Continue Reading →

Time to challenge Canadian schools’ anti-Palestinian racism

While Jewish settlers launch pogroms and Israeli ministers call to “wipe out” Palestinian towns, Canadian schools supress Palestinian symbols and celebrate colonial violence. Last week Park West School in Halifax forced a half dozen Palestinian-Canadian students to remove Kufiyahs they were wearing during a cross-cultural day. In a flagrant display of anti-Palestinian racism, the principal... Continue Reading →

Globe’s go-to-guy on China interference an expert in election rigging

The Globe and Mail’s hypocrisy on election interference is impressive. To press Trudeau on China, Canada’s ‘paper of record’ turned to an individual involved in rigging a Haitian election who then led a US-based election interference organization. “Former chief electoral officer calls for independent inquiry into Chinese interference in Canadian elections,” blared the front of... Continue Reading →

Save our children, replace downtown highways with housing 

Project Montréal’s response to Mariia Legenkovska’s tragic death highlights the hollowness of their green, livability, rhetoric. At a recent press conference to announce the city’s response to the seven-year-old’s death I criticized Valerie Plante’s failure to curb the dominance of dangerous, climate destroying, private vehicles. Just prior to my interruption Montréal’s Mayor declared, "there are too many... Continue Reading →

Defend her, but Elghawaby is no principled progressive

The politicians and media in Québec are widely unhappy about Amira Elghawaby’s appointment as the federal government’s representative to combat Islamophobia. Progressives should also be critical of Elghawaby, but for different reasons. Last week the Liberals appointed Elghawaby Canada’s first ever special representative on combating Islamophobia. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre immediately opposed her appointment. Concurrently... Continue Reading →

Support for Peru coup all about Canadian mining companies

Seven weeks after Pedro Castillo was ousted protests and blockades continue across Peru. Sixty protesters have been killed since the elected president was ousted, a move Canada immediately endorsed. Canada’s ambassador to Peru Louis Marcotte has worked hard to shore up support for Dina Boluarte’s replacement ‘usurper’ government. Since mid-December Marcotte has met president Boluarte,... Continue Reading →

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