Trudeau’s foreign policy feminist-washes corporate Canada

The Liberals’ “progressive” foreign policy claims are essentially all lies. A recent Globe and Mail investigation confirms the toothless nature of Justin Trudeau’s promised corporate ombudsperson. According to Hollow Core, the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE) has yet to complete a single investigation of a company accused of abuses abroad. This despite the Globe... Continue Reading →

What about Indigenous kids in Palestine, Prof. Blackstock?

Cindy Blackstock has done great work on behalf of Indigenous children. But her recent call for “a lot more” academics “willing to get into trouble” rings hollow considering her role at McGill and anti-Palestinian associations. Blackstock has done as much as anyone to highlight and redress discrimination against indigenous children. She’s helped secure healthcare rights... Continue Reading →

Bad when Russia bombs its neighbours, but okay for Israel?

Canada claims to be a supporter of rules-based international order, but its record of supporting Israel in breaking these rules is long and spans the entire existence of that state. While the innumerable ways Canada’s supports Israel’s violence and displacement of Palestinians receives the bulk of critical attention, Ottawa has also enabled the Jewish supremacist... Continue Reading →

Canadian ‘allies’ in Iran regime change hardly beacons of democracy

Canadian officials want to overthrow the Iranian government and are supporting reactionary forces to do so. Those supporting this effort should consider Canada’s role in Libya. Last weekend Conservative party leader Pierre Poilievre and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Rob Oliphant spoke at an event with the “Crown Prince of Iran” Pahlavi Reza. Poilievre told the crowd "the... Continue Reading →

Why does NDP support US neocons’ position on China?

Does the NDP want war with China? Party officials would deny it, but they are promoting measures that increase the likelihood of an apocalyptic conflict. In recent weeks the NDP has jumped on the ‘China interference’ bandwagon. In dozens of statements Jagmeet Singh, Heather McPherson, Peter Julian, Alexandre Boulerice and other party officials have hyped... Continue Reading →

Canada orders double standard on military-academic ties

Recently the federal government restricted academics from collaborating with Chinese counterparts who have ties to their country’s military. Yet Canadian universities advertise US military grants. At the end of January the Globe and Mail published two front page stories about Canadian academics collaborating with scientists that have ties to China’s National University of Defence Technology... Continue Reading →

Canadian government prioritizes war over climate crisis

Their recent record proves Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are warmongers who care little about genuine security. As the climate crisis spirals further out of control, they are ramping up militarism. On Monday the United Nations released “Climate Change 2023: Synthesis Report”. It details how humanity is busting past any chance of limiting global temperature increases to... Continue Reading →

Where are voices for peace in Parliament?

Canada is calling for “regime change” in Russia in a new escalation of the NATO proxy war. During a press conference on Friday foreign affairs minister Mélanie Joly said, “we’re able to see how much we’re isolating the Russian regime right now — because we need to do so economically, politically and diplomatically — and... Continue Reading →

Time to challenge Canadian schools’ anti-Palestinian racism

While Jewish settlers launch pogroms and Israeli ministers call to “wipe out” Palestinian towns, Canadian schools supress Palestinian symbols and celebrate colonial violence. Last week Park West School in Halifax forced a half dozen Palestinian-Canadian students to remove Kufiyahs they were wearing during a cross-cultural day. In a flagrant display of anti-Palestinian racism, the principal... Continue Reading →

Globe’s go-to-guy on China interference an expert in election rigging

The Globe and Mail’s hypocrisy on election interference is impressive. To press Trudeau on China, Canada’s ‘paper of record’ turned to an individual involved in rigging a Haitian election who then led a US-based election interference organization. “Former chief electoral officer calls for independent inquiry into Chinese interference in Canadian elections,” blared the front of... Continue Reading →

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