Russophobia a 150-year-old official Canadian passion

There has been a great deal of reporting about parliament celebrating a World War II Nazi soldier. But even though he was praised specifically for fighting Russia the media has ignored the horrors inflicted by the Nazis on Russians. During Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent speech to Parliament, 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka was labeled a “hero”... Continue Reading →

Good guys, bad guys and Ukrainian nationalism

Parliament’s standing ovation for a Nazi soldier highlights deep ties to far-right Ukrainian nationalism and staunch support for NATO. The embarrassing incident could unravel the political consensus on the proxy war. During Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speech to Parliament on Friday Yaroslav Hunka received two standing ovations from MPs. The 98-year-old was labeled a “hero”... Continue Reading →

Ottawa’s history of taking credit for what protest won

On the few occasions where activists have directly restrained imperialist policies their partial victories have been twisted to reinforce benevolent Canadian mythology. Coverage of the 50th anniversary of Augusto Pinochet’s coup against Salvador Allende highlights the phenomenon. In recent days there have been many stories about the Chileans who found refuge in Canada after the... Continue Reading →

Alleged Indian hit squad has major foreign policy implications

Official claims the Indian government killed Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar have significant political and geopolitical ramifications. It should put the Conservatives on the back foot while undermining the ongoing China foreign interference panic and Canada’s anti-Beijing Indo Pacific strategy. After raising the assassination with the Indian government and being contacted by the Globe and... Continue Reading →

Hear no NATO evil, see no NATO evil

To maintain public support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s proxy war with Russia it’s important to erase its history of violence. The media’s refusal to mention NATO’s role in Libya’s instability partly reflects the requirements of Ukraine propaganda. In their coverage of the devastating flooding in eastern Libya, the Canadian media have all but... Continue Reading →

Depleted uranium added to toxic mess in Ukraine

Following on from its decision to donate widely banned cluster munitions to Ukraine the US is sending armor-piercing depleted uranium (DU) munitions to fight Russia. Indifferent to the poisonous effect of these weapons, the Justin Trudeau government has remained mum on Washington’s escalatory move. Depleted uranium (DU) is a by-product from the production of fuel... Continue Reading →

Left, right and centre blind to crazy car culture

Corporate and capitalist forces are driving us toward civilizational collapse but institutional myopia and crass electoralism also play their parts in the unfolding planetary tragedy. Recently the Montréal fire department objected to a city proposal to remove traffic from the road running through the big park atop the mountain at the centre of the city.... Continue Reading →

NDP opposes left activists, hypes China ‘threat’

In their zeal to assist the US Empire’s bid to contain China’s rise the NDP is campaigning against left-wing activists. Recently NDP MP Jenny Kwan launched a petition calling for a foreign-agent registry. The Vancouver MP participated in a Toronto press conference promoting a parliamentary petition responding to another petition backed by Canada-China Focus, Rideau... Continue Reading →

Shame on NDP for supporting US Empire over humanity

As developments in Ukraine, Libya and Niger highlight, the US destroys other nations with little remorse. And some Canadian “leftists” go along for the ride. Establishment media have increasingly reported that Washington’s aim is to use Ukraine as a tool to weaken Russia and further subordinate Europe to its geostrategic objectives. For example, Washington Post... Continue Reading →

From ‘terrorists’ to Canadian politicians’ best buddies

Canada’s political establishment has become increasingly close to a group it once banned as a terrorist organization. Reports that the violent, cult-like Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) may set up shop here reflects this country’s increasingly conflictual relations with Iran. Recently Iranian government aligned media reported that the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) is considering a move to Canada.... Continue Reading →

Why military opposed Haiti mission

The Canadian military doesn’t want the US Empire’s surplus missions. They want to play with the big boys; they want ‘serious’ deployments. Problem is, those running the empire want them to go to Haiti. In an article on why Anita Anand was removed as defence minister in the recent cabinet shuffle Ottawa Citizen reporter David... Continue Reading →

Understanding the silence of Canada’s Jewish establishment

Why is Canada’s Jewish establishment almost completely unwilling to criticize Israel? In “American Jews are loudly protesting Israel’s anti-judiciary law. In Canada — not so much” Andrew Cohen instigated an important discussion. The Ottawa Citizen columnist points out that prominent anti-Palestinian US-based groups such as the Anti–Defamation League, Jewish Federations of North America and Democratic... Continue Reading →

Hey Doug, build housing on Gardiner, not Greenbelt

Amidst growing controversy over his destruction of Ontario’s Greenbelt premier Doug Ford wants us to believe he’ll do whatever it takes to build more housing. But he won’t even consider turning abundant public lands destroying our climate, health and urban sphere into human shelter. In a long story on Ontario’s push to audit school property... Continue Reading →

Ottawa argues legal absurdity to defend Israel

As it claims to promote the international rules-based order, the Trudeau government is seeking to block a World Court opinion on Palestine. Recently Canada submitted a statement opposing an International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion on UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/77/247. Titled “Israeli Practices Affecting the Human rights of the Palestinian People in the... Continue Reading →

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