BC Fed sides with anti-union Ukraine, right wing UCC

Canadian unions should be raising their voices to promote peace. Instead, a recent British Columbia Federation of Labour resolution highlights the labour movement’s alignment with NATO and the political right. At the BC Fed’s convention two weeks the resolution committee endorsed a statement on Ukraine. It notes: BECAUSE of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on... Continue Reading →

Apartheid defenders attack Green leader May

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs’ recent attack against Elizabeth May is farcical. Canada’s leading mouthpiece for Israel criticized the Green Party leader for saying she takes her direction from the representative of the Palestinian Authority, which actually serves as the subcontractor for Israel’s occupation. At an event marking International Day of Solidarity with... Continue Reading →

To end foreign interference here, Ottawa must stop interfering there

Recently there’s been significant attention devoted to purported foreign interference in Canadian politics. But there’s been little discussion of Ottawa’s far more significant interference abroad. The front page of Tuesday’s National Post noted: “Alarming escalation of espionage, foreign interference”. The story reported Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) analyst Noura Hayek saying foreign interference is one... Continue Reading →

Hey CIJA! Conflating Jews with Israel is racist

Charges of “antisemitism” have been degraded to the point where they often sound like a 6-year-old telling other kids not to play with Johnnie because he has cooties. Recently federal NDP executive member Ryan Painter quote-tweeted me saying “Don't listen to anything Yves Engler says. He’s Canada’s leading antisemite and doesn’t want anything more than... Continue Reading →

‘Left’ voices join right to attack Iran, ignore Canadian imperialism

  A Rabble interview with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s Kaveh Shahrooz offers a troubling window into Canadian politics. Last month the left-wing website, for whom I’ve written for two decades, published “Understanding the dynamics of the protests in Iran”. Everything about the article should have raised red flags. Described as “a lawyer and human rights activist”,... Continue Reading →

Israel lobby continues to stoke anti-Iran animus

In recent years Israel has assassinated Iranian scientists, sabotaged its cyber facilities and backed opposition groups. The nuclear armed state has also repeatedly bombed Iranian targets in Syria. Yet the mainstream media and our government never criticizes Israel’s effort to destabilize a regime that offers some resistance to its domination of the region. Instead, Canada... Continue Reading →

Standing up against war requires principles and courage 

Almost everyone says they oppose war in principle, but few are willing to face the opprobrium that comes with confronting militarist nationalism. Ten days ago one of Canada's leading antiwar activists protested Canada’s contribution to the US/NATO proxy war with Russia. Tamara Lorincz interrupted a talk by Defence Minister Anita Anand with a sign reading: “Trudeau, Freeland,... Continue Reading →

Lula’s win a blow to Ottawa, corporate Canada

Lula da Silva’s victory in Brazil’s presidential election is a blow to the Trudeau government’s Latin America strategy. It is a further rejection of Ottawa’s effort to eliminate leftist governments in the hemisphere and exposes their complicity in the 2016 parliamentary coup. Political developments in the region have turned sharply against Ottawa recently. The elections... Continue Reading →

Action Please! Media must cover illegal military recruitment story 

Violating the law by directly assisting a military enforcing apartheid seems of little interest to English Canada’s major media unless they can celebrate it.  Recently a Justice of the Peace accepted there was sufficient evidence to bring charges against Sar-El Canada for violating the Foreign Enlistment Act (FEA). Set up by an Israeli General four decades ago Sar-El has more than... Continue Reading →

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