Fighter jet purchase fuels racism

Undoing centuries of racism requires looking at major government purchases through the lens of whether or not they challenge, or reinforce, existing structural power imbalances. For example, would spending billions of dollars on 88 new fighter jets reinforce white domination? To answer that question, one must look at history and current affairs. Historically, the Royal... Continue Reading →

The role of mercenaries in Afghan disaster

    The real story is much more than an adventure starring a Canadian hero. A CBC story about an ex-Canadian soldier who helped dozens flee Afghanistan ought to have considered the role of the private security industry in the disastrous 20-year-long war in that central Asian country. The large number of private security companies... Continue Reading →

Airshows sell war and militarism

The growing campaign to oppose spending tens of billions of dollars on 88 new fighter jets faces an important, if unconventional, obstacle: the warplanes themselves. Fighter jets are an important tool of militarist propaganda. In recent weeks Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) planes have done numerous flyovers and participated in airshows across the country. As... Continue Reading →

Afghanistan a military and an ‘aid’ failure

  While recent events have destroyed the credibility of militarists who pushed for the invasion and 20-year-long occupation of Afghanistan, the moral bankruptcy of their supporters in the aid industry has also been stunningly revealed. A quick Taliban victory over the foreign trained “Afghan army” at least (momentarily) embarrassed Canadian militarists. But what about their... Continue Reading →

Canadian military wrecks the environment

The forest fires, torrential floods and other extreme weather events wreaking havoc around the world are a cry from Mother Earth to take bold action. It’s time for environmentalists to directly challenge militarism, which is inherently anti-ecological and divides the world into good guys and bad guys at a time when we need international cooperation... Continue Reading →

Canada’s disaster in Afghanistan

What a waste of human life and resources! With the Taliban quickly taking control of all major Afghan cities we should be asking what was the point of all that bloodletting? More than 200,000 Afghan civilians and combatants have been killed since the US, Canadian and British invasion two decades ago. A few thousand Canadian,... Continue Reading →

Where’s NDP on fighter jet purchase?

How about a little friendly pressure? Hopefully that’s all it would take for Left NDP MPs to join Neil Young, Stephen Lewis, Teagan and Sarah, David Suzuki and many other notable Canadian and international figures in calling for government resources to “be used to eliminate boil water advisories on reserves, build light rail lines across... Continue Reading →

NDP defence critic ignores party policy

Why does the NDP defence critic promote militarism and anti-Palestinian racism? Shouldn’t all critics promote their party’s policies? And if they don’t, what should the party leader do? Randall Garrison complained to the Hill Times that the government’s recent budget didn’t devote enough to the military. In “Opposition MPs say they’re worried about lack of... Continue Reading →

Why the NDP needs a new defence critic

What should be expected from a “defence critic” for a left-wing political party? An easy answer might be criticism from the left, but in the case of the NDP that doesn’t happen much. The Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces is far and away the largest federal government department. It has the biggest budget, staff, public... Continue Reading →

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