Israel lobby paralyzed by anti-recruitment campaign

What are the primary Israel lobby groups in Canada afraid of? When their favoured colonial outpost in the Middle East is maligned the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, B’nai B’rith and Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre (FSWC) are usually quick to attack. In recent months they’ve put out statements labeling a modest NDP resolution... Continue Reading →

Challenging illegal Israeli military recruitment in Canada

The campaign to oppose illegal Israeli military recruitment in Canada has received a significant boost. A parliamentary petition calling for an investigation into IDF recruitment has quickly surpassed the number of signatures required to be presented in the House of Commons. Submitted by Rabbi David Mivasair and sponsored by NDP MP Matthew Green, the petition... Continue Reading →

Judge cozies up to Israel lobby in conflict of interest

Even the appearance of a conflict of interest should be enough to dissuade any prudent public official, especially a judge, from an action. As such, it’s baffling that former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell would accept an invitation to speak at two Israel lobby groups’ conference while overseeing an inquiry into whether a former official... Continue Reading →

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