Promoting Israeli apartheid in Canadian schools not okay

The Palestinian solidarity movement must seek to disrupt the ‘school to apartheid promotion pipeline’. It’s past time to challenge private schools indoctrinating young minds into worshiping a violent faraway state that oppresses millions. A recent visit to Canada by Israel’s minister for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism, Amichai Chikli, highlights a subject that requires far... Continue Reading →

Time to challenge Canadian schools’ anti-Palestinian racism

While Jewish settlers launch pogroms and Israeli ministers call to “wipe out” Palestinian towns, Canadian schools supress Palestinian symbols and celebrate colonial violence. Last week Park West School in Halifax forced a half dozen Palestinian-Canadian students to remove Kufiyahs they were wearing during a cross-cultural day. In a flagrant display of anti-Palestinian racism, the principal... Continue Reading →

Public supporters of Israel should expect to be criticized

Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks is claiming to have been the victim of “hate” when young people yelled “stop supporting killing of Palestinians”. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Canada and B’nai B’rith, as well as NDP MPs, amplified her hypocritical claims on Twitter. A self-described “unapologetic Zionist”, Saks recently... Continue Reading →

Crazed anti-Palestinian Green adviser must be removed

The outpouring of Canadian support for the human rights of Palestinians has obviously unnerved some hardened Israeli nationalists. But who would have thought it could threaten the unity of the Green Party? Party leader Annamie Paul’s senior adviser has threatened party MPs, gone against party policy and needs to be removed immediately. If Paul doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Time to disrupt IDF promotion network

Once again a human rights group has determined that Israel's treatment of Palestinians amounts to apartheid. Human Rights Watch is calling for governments around the world "to impose sanctions and reconsider trade deals," according to Tuesday's Globe and Mail. Once again supporters of Israel claim “bias” and “anti-Semitism” instead of acknowledging the obvious crime against... Continue Reading →

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