Save our children, replace downtown highways with housing 

Project Montréal’s response to Mariia Legenkovska’s tragic death highlights the hollowness of their green, livability, rhetoric. At a recent press conference to announce the city’s response to the seven-year-old’s death I criticized Valerie Plante’s failure to curb the dominance of dangerous, climate destroying, private vehicles. Just prior to my interruption Montréal’s Mayor declared, "there are too many... Continue Reading →

Is Denis Coderre fit to run for Mayor of Montréal?

If Will Prosper’s past transgression make him unfit to run to be Mayor of Montréal North, then what about Denis Coderre’s role in further impoverishing Haiti? On Thursday it was reported that Prosper was fired from the RCMP in 2001 for improperly accessing and possibly leaking information regarding a childhood friend investigated for homicide. Prosper... Continue Reading →

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