Statistics, damn lies and the truth about Rwanda genocide

The real Rwanda genocide story has no Canadian heroes. Canadian commentators often claim more Tutsi were killed in the genocide than lived in Rwanda. Since it aligns with Washington, London and Kigali's interests, as well as liberal nationalist Canadian ideology, the statistical inflation passes with little comment. A Tyee story last month described the "slaughter... Continue Reading →

UN ends occupation of Haiti, but legacy of abuse remains

Last week the UN Security Council finally voted to end its military occupation of Haiti. Instigated by the US, France and Canada, it has been responsible for countless abuses during the past 13 years. At the same time as the Security Council voted to draw down its military force (a police contingent will remain), the... Continue Reading →

It is never ‘left wing’ to support imperialism

Most people who identify as left wing would agree that systems of governance that enable exploitation by the world’s most powerful corporations, governments and individuals should be changed. Most would also agree that militarism and military solutions are best avoided. Why then do so many people ‘on the left’ support UN missions that claim to... Continue Reading →

Sordid tales of Canada-UN history in Africa

Canadian officials have long done as they pleased in Africa, loudly proclaimed this country’s altruism and only faced push back from hard rightists who bemoan sending troops to the  “Dark Continent” or “dens of hell”. With many Canadians normally opposed to war supporting anything called “peacekeeping”, unless troops deployed with an African UN mission are... Continue Reading →

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