Conservative leader inadvertently right about CBC

Like a stopped watch that tells the correct time twice a day, Pierre Poilievre is right about Canada’s ‘public’ broadcaster. CBC is a government-funded media outlet that acts as a state, rather than public, broadcaster in its coverage of Canadian foreign policy. Recently the extreme right Conservative party leader asked for Twitter to label CBC... Continue Reading →

Condemn the invasion, but retain your critical faculties

Moscow’s bombing and invasion of Ukraine must be condemned by all those who believe in a rules-based international order and peaceful solutions to world problems. Hopefully Russian internationalists can come together to create a peace movement powerful enough to pressure their government. While criticizing Russian imperialism, however, we shouldn’t lose sight of Canada’s significant role... Continue Reading →

Truth always the first casualty of war — CBC proves it

Normally it’s difficult to assess whether a reporter is ignorant, lazy or self-consciously serving power. But when a journalist produces multiple one-sided pieces on a subject while ignoring context he’s previously reported, it’s pretty clear. Since Washington/London/Ottawa instigated a wave of anti-Russia hysteria in December senior CBC military writer Murray Brewster has published a slew... Continue Reading →

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