Once again Ontario NDP bows to pro-apartheid bullies

The Ontario NDP has once again succumbed to pressure from the anti-Palestinian, Islamophobic and anti-egalitarian B’nai Brith. Last night newly elected Ontario NDP MPP Sarah Jama re-tweeted Palestinian academic Noura Erakat’s statement on the death of Palestinian prisoner Khaled Adnan. Erakat tweeted, “Sheikh Khaled Adnan has died on day 90 of his hunger strike in... Continue Reading →

Hey CIJA! Conflating Jews with Israel is racist

Charges of “antisemitism” have been degraded to the point where they often sound like a 6-year-old telling other kids not to play with Johnnie because he has cooties. Recently federal NDP executive member Ryan Painter quote-tweeted me saying “Don't listen to anything Yves Engler says. He’s Canada’s leading antisemite and doesn’t want anything more than... Continue Reading →

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