Truth about Canadian aid policy revealed in briefing note

What would you guess a Canadian minister of international development actually does? Likely answers: Oversee aid to poor countries; Attend meetings about international assistance; Lobby his cabinet colleagues about the importance of aid. Meet with foreign officials to discuss ways of making a better world. Certainly not selling arms. That would never be part of... Continue Reading →

Is Canada’s Minister of Defence an Arms Pusher?

Would it surprise you to learn that Canada’s minister of defence is an arms pusher? Last Friday members of Mouvement Québécois pour la Paix interrupted a $135-a-plate luncheon to confront defence minister Harjit Sajjan. At an event sponsored by SNC Lavalin, Bombardier, Rio Tinto, etc., we called for cutting military spending, for Canada to withdraw... Continue Reading →

Racism a systemic problem in Canadian military

Anti-blackness is a significant problem in the Canadian Forces. For decades it was explicit and the institution evidently remains structurally racist. Last month it was revealed that a white reservist who repeatedly called black soldiers “n…ers” would not face any disciplinary measures. The stated reason was that the individual, whose father is a senior reserve... Continue Reading →

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