Canada orders double standard on military-academic ties

Recently the federal government restricted academics from collaborating with Chinese counterparts who have ties to their country’s military. Yet Canadian universities advertise US military grants. At the end of January the Globe and Mail published two front page stories about Canadian academics collaborating with scientists that have ties to China’s National University of Defence Technology... Continue Reading →

Media coverage determines ‘worth’ of victims

The notion of ‘worthy’ and ‘unworthy’ victims is important to understanding Canada’s propaganda system and foreign policy. A common form of bias is for media outlets to concentrate on the victims of enemy states while largely ignoring those victimized by friendly governments. Contrasting Russia’s two-month-old invasion of Ukraine with the war in Yemen or the... Continue Reading →

Globe columnist blinded by Canadian chauvinism

    Don’t let the Chinese buy up Canada’s strategic minerals… in Argentina. That’s what Eric Reguly argued in Saturday’s Globe and Mail. “The West is asleep while China hoards key minerals”, blared the front page of the Report on Business. Reguly complained that Zijin Mining recently paid $960 million for Vancouver-based Neo Lithium, which... Continue Reading →

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