What about Indigenous kids in Palestine, Prof. Blackstock?

Cindy Blackstock has done great work on behalf of Indigenous children. But her recent call for “a lot more” academics “willing to get into trouble” rings hollow considering her role at McGill and anti-Palestinian associations. Blackstock has done as much as anyone to highlight and redress discrimination against indigenous children. She’s helped secure healthcare rights... Continue Reading →

Dershowitz, Cotler and ‘progressive’ anti-Palestinian enablers

Why are Cindy Blackstock, Charles Taylor, Pearl Eliadis, Murray Sinclair and Thomas Mulcair publicly associating themselves with alleged pedophile Alan Dershowitz? Why are the indigenous advocate, philosopher, human rights lawyer, former senator and former NDP leader supporting the anti-Palestinian lobby’s bid to crush a small left-wing Toronto restaurant? Why have they offered their names to... Continue Reading →

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