Israel lobby tries again to disrupt Canadian Palestinian solidarity

The Israel lobby has launched another odious and hypocritical attack. They’re calling on the government to expel Palestinian-Canadian activist Khaled Barakat and criminalize the Canadian branch of the Samidoun Palestinian prisoner solidarity network. Last Saturday the front page of the right-wing National Post was largely covered with Barakat’s face. Columnist Terry Glavin reported that Barakat... Continue Reading →

McGill admin amps up anti-Palestinian campaign

The McGill University administration and Israel lobby have waged a multiyear campaign against student democracy and Palestinian solidarity and recently threatened the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) financial arrangement after students voted overwhelmingly for the “Palestine Solidarity Policy”. A month ago, 71% of students voted for a resolution that commits SSMU to take a... Continue Reading →

Russian invasion is both rational and imperialistic

Paul Street and other respectable North American leftists are fixated on the role of “fascism” in Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. Yes, Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian, right-wing, nationalist but liberal North American leaders have in fact invaded far more sovereign nations. In 1999 one of Canada’s least fascistic prime ministers, Jean Chretien, and his... Continue Reading →

Pro-Israel Canadians pressure Ottawa over Iran

Those Canadians who take their political cues from Israel are obsessively stoking conflict with Iran. In a clear example, former CEO of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre Avi Benlolo has published a half dozen National Post columns critical of that country over the past year. In a recent article headlined “As the Doomsday Clock closes... Continue Reading →

Let us count the ways Canada supports Israel’s crimes

  One of the most disingenuous arguments made by Canadian apologists for Israeli crimes is that it is irrelevant what transpires here. If they genuinely believed this why seek to squash support for Palestinians? In fact, the Zionist colonization/Palestine liberation struggle plays out daily in Canadian bookstores, schools, media, diplomacy and elsewhere. But the forces... Continue Reading →

South Africa puts Canada to shame regarding Palestine

  Like Canada, South Africa is a former British colony and settler state. But the divide between these two countries regarding the world’s most aggressive ongoing European colonialism is stark. While Pretoria assists Palestinians by advocating the boycott of a cultural event, Canadians subsidize huge private donations to a wealthy apartheid state. On November 13... Continue Reading →

David Suzuki an environmentalist to emulate

While we need to be careful about lionizing any individual and our central focus should always be on building collective strength, this writer’s favorite high-profile environmentalist is David Suzuki. He seems committed, brave, cognizant of the big picture linking environmental, social, political and economic struggles as well as willing to speak truth to power. Suzuki’s... Continue Reading →

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