The doublethink of ‘genocide education’

Fall 2023 is a strange time to be alive or to die. For example, “genocide education” is being instigated to enable current genocidal policies. The Nazi Holocaust is increasingly being deployed to justify killing and dispossessing Palestinians. Recently Israel’s delegation at the United Nations wore yellow stars, a symbol of Nazi persecution of Jews. The... Continue Reading →

Place where protests didn’t happen does support Israel 

Apologists for Israeli crimes are constantly gaslighting Palestinians and their supporters. They seek to make those opposing violence and colonialism feel like oppressors. Last Friday a rally was held in front of Deputy Prime Minister Christya Freeland’s office in Toronto. Freeland recently declared that “Canada stands with Israel” and when she was foreign minister said Canada... Continue Reading →

Stench from cheering Nazis not confined to Parliament

Amidst NaziGate the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) has largely escaped scrutiny. But the powerful lobby group should be queried about their support for the former SS soldier applauded by Parliament and its Canadian government connections. After six days of remaining mum about the Jaroslav Hunka scandal the UCC released a cryptic statement that doesn’t mention... Continue Reading →

Canada’s envoy to defend apartheid gets Israel medal

Canada’s special envoy to combat antisemitism is actually a government emissary to promote Jewish supremacy. In a stark example of the Liberals’ anti-Palestinian policies, they have given public resources and prestige to an aggressive apartheid proponent. Recently foreign affairs minister Mélanie Joly tweeted, “I spoke with Canada’s Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting... Continue Reading →

Russophobia a 150-year-old official Canadian passion

There has been a great deal of reporting about parliament celebrating a World War II Nazi soldier. But even though he was praised specifically for fighting Russia the media has ignored the horrors inflicted by the Nazis on Russians. During Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent speech to Parliament, 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka was labeled a “hero”... Continue Reading →

Good guys, bad guys and Ukrainian nationalism

Parliament’s standing ovation for a Nazi soldier highlights deep ties to far-right Ukrainian nationalism and staunch support for NATO. The embarrassing incident could unravel the political consensus on the proxy war. During Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speech to Parliament on Friday Yaroslav Hunka received two standing ovations from MPs. The 98-year-old was labeled a “hero”... Continue Reading →

Hear no NATO evil, see no NATO evil

To maintain public support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s proxy war with Russia it’s important to erase its history of violence. The media’s refusal to mention NATO’s role in Libya’s instability partly reflects the requirements of Ukraine propaganda. In their coverage of the devastating flooding in eastern Libya, the Canadian media have all but... Continue Reading →

Depleted uranium added to toxic mess in Ukraine

Following on from its decision to donate widely banned cluster munitions to Ukraine the US is sending armor-piercing depleted uranium (DU) munitions to fight Russia. Indifferent to the poisonous effect of these weapons, the Justin Trudeau government has remained mum on Washington’s escalatory move. Depleted uranium (DU) is a by-product from the production of fuel... Continue Reading →

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