Crazed anti-Palestinian Green adviser must be removed

The outpouring of Canadian support for the human rights of Palestinians has obviously unnerved some hardened Israeli nationalists. But who would have thought it could threaten the unity of the Green Party? Party leader Annamie Paul’s senior adviser has threatened party MPs, gone against party policy and needs to be removed immediately. If Paul doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Palestinian envoy fails to criticize Canada

  With a representative like this Palestinians might be better off with no envoy in Canada. A recent profile of the Palestinian Authority’s agent in Ottawa confirms the PA is more a colonial tool than a voice for an oppressed people. In the Hill Times interview Hala Abou-Hassira refuses to answer whether Canada’s anti-Palestinian voting... Continue Reading →

Canada does not deserve Caribbean countries’ support in its bid for a Security Council seat

  Canada is expecting Caribbean countries’ support in its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. Canada does not deserve the Caribbean Community’s (CARICOM) support. While the Canadian government often uses progressive, internationalist rhetoric, its current actions and failure to apologize for its imperialist, racist past belie the claims. For example, over the... Continue Reading →

For Trudeau Black (Haitian) lives do not matter

It appears that, in Haiti, Black lives do not matter much to the Canadian government. Justin Trudeau is backing the neo-Duvalerists subjugating that country’s impoverished masses. On Wednesday the prime minister called President Jovenel Moïse and “underscored the strong friendship between Canada and Haiti.” This is the latest instance of diplomatic support by the Liberals... Continue Reading →

Canadian GHG emissions grow

While governments’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic proves significant resources can be marshalled quickly in a crisis, there is little evidence official Canada sees global warming as a comparable emergency. Even though Justin Trudeau’s Liberals say they take climate change seriously, Canadian greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are actually increasing. According to the inventory report the... Continue Reading →

‘Alternative’ media outlet offers no alternative on Canadian foreign policy

Why would an alternative media website that questions government and corporate policies about climate change and the environment have so much trouble understanding that the same sort of skepticism is necessary regarding Canadian foreign policy? Imagine a self-declared progressive media outlet saying they don’t cover racism, patriarchy or the dispossession of First Nations because they... Continue Reading →

OAS election observers subvert Bolivian democracy

Organization of American States election observers have played an important role in subverting Bolivian democracy. While some may find it hard to believe that a regional electoral monitoring body would consciously subvert democracy, their actions in the South American country are not dissimilar to previous US/Canada backed OAS missions in Haiti. “The OAS Election Audit... Continue Reading →

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