Defend her, but Elghawaby is no principled progressive

The politicians and media in Québec are widely unhappy about Amira Elghawaby’s appointment as the federal government’s representative to combat Islamophobia. Progressives should also be critical of Elghawaby, but for different reasons. Last week the Liberals appointed Elghawaby Canada’s first ever special representative on combating Islamophobia. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre immediately opposed her appointment. Concurrently... Continue Reading →

Support for Peru coup all about Canadian mining companies

Seven weeks after Pedro Castillo was ousted protests and blockades continue across Peru. Sixty protesters have been killed since the elected president was ousted, a move Canada immediately endorsed. Canada’s ambassador to Peru Louis Marcotte has worked hard to shore up support for Dina Boluarte’s replacement ‘usurper’ government. Since mid-December Marcotte has met president Boluarte,... Continue Reading →

Amplifying Israel lobby style attacks dangerous for the left

Canada’s preeminent left-wing publication has found itself on the same side as Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, B’nai B’rith and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). This doesn’t bode well for Palestine solidarity and the left’s ability to withstand being ‘Corbynized’. Recently the Ottawa Citizen published Royal Military College professor... Continue Reading →

Antisemitism or anger at Palestinian solidarity in U of T medical faculty?

A recent ‘report’ on antisemitism at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine (TFOM) points to Jewish influence, not oppression, within the University of Toronto. Reaction to the dubious article highlights anti-Palestinianism. Recently, TFOM’s outgoing Senior Advisor on Anti-Semitism Ayelet Kuper published “Reflections on addressing antisemitism in a Canadian faculty of medicine” in the Canadian Medical Education... Continue Reading →

Who rules Peru? Canada sides with USA

The Trudeau government is helping Washington consolidate a coup that has sparked a furious popular backlash in Peru. Ottawa is defending an unelected regime that has suspended civil liberties and imposed a curfew while deploying troops to the streets. Security forces have killed 24 (mostly indigenous) protesters over the past week. On Saturday foreign minister... Continue Reading →

Interupting Irwin Cotler

On Saturday I interrupted Irwin Cotler. At the premiere of First to Stand: The Cases and Causes of Irwin Cotler I called Canada’s former justice a “fraud” who claims to promote human rights yet backs violence and apartheid against Palestinians. The audience’s reaction was priceless. There was a loud guffaw inside the Cinema du Musée... Continue Reading →

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