Ottawa argues legal absurdity to defend Israel

As it claims to promote the international rules-based order, the Trudeau government is seeking to block a World Court opinion on Palestine. Recently Canada submitted a statement opposing an International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion on UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/77/247. Titled “Israeli Practices Affecting the Human rights of the Palestinian People in the... Continue Reading →

How many Ukrainians will die before Ottawa seeks peace?

By restarting Operation UNIFIER Canada is ramping up its war with Russia. The military training mission had been Ottawa’s principal contribution to a seven-year-old proxy war, which appears likely to continue for years. Last week Defence Minister Anita Anand announced that 225 Canadian troops would be dispatched to England to train Ukrainians. They will offer... Continue Reading →

Time to disrupt Ottawa climate criminals

We must keep the pressure on. Even while ecocidal forces attack Canada’s environment minister, those hoping to avoid societal collapse can’t stay mum on the former Greenpeace employee’s climate crimes. Last Thursday I interrupted Steven Guilbeault’s press conference to challenge his approval of the Baie du Nord offshore oil project. I asked the minister of... Continue Reading →

Another nail in coffin for Trudeau’s Latin American strategy

  Gustavo Petro’s election victory in Colombia is a major blow to Justin Trudeau’s bid to bolster pro-empire/corporate governments in the hemisphere. Sunday’s presidential vote strengthens the socialistic, regional integrationist forces Ottawa has sought to undercut. An ex-rebel fighter, Petro is widely considered Colombia’s first ever left-wing leader. While the senator and former mayor of... Continue Reading →

Time for Canada to wage peace in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine can continue for years. Or it could escalate into something far worse. Or it could end in the near future. Canada has limited influence over its direction, but what influence it has should be used to support, rather than undermine, peace negotiations. The Italian, French and German governments have all recently... Continue Reading →

Liberal budget funds apologists for Israeli crimes

  As more and more Canadians, including university students across the country, oppose Israel’s apartheid policies. the Liberals devoted millions of dollars in the recent federal budget to strengthen anti-Palestinian forces. They put up $5.6 million over five years for Canada’s Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism. The position was created a... Continue Reading →

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