An independent Canadian foreign policy is possible 

  Do circumstances compel Canada to be imperialistic? I have repeatedly been asked some variation of the question “can Canada have a non-aggressive or non-imperialist foreign policy?” At an abstract level the answer is obviously yes. But is that true in practice? What people likely mean when they ask the question is won’t Washington punish... Continue Reading →

Haitians march on Canadian Embassy

People everywhere around the world love and respect Canadians, or so we’re told. So how do you explain what’s going on in Haiti? On Sunday protesters in Port-au-Prince marched on the Canadian Embassy. “Madame Boukman — Justice 4 Haiti” posted a video to Twitter showing police in front of Canada’s diplomatic representation in Haiti. Madame... Continue Reading →

NGO coalition aligns with imperialism

The Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) exists primarily to lobby for increased aid. As a result, the NGO umbrella group broadly aligns with Canadian imperialism. When Justin Trudeau recently set off for an African Union Summit to build support for the government’s bid for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council the CCIC... Continue Reading →

Is Canada a colony or imperialist power?

  It seems strange to even ask this question, but some who call themselves socialists do, so it is good to revisit the it every so often. Is Canada best described as a colony or imperialist power? Recent issues of the Economist and Northern Miner highlight the weakness of the dominant “staples trap” political economy... Continue Reading →

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