Time to disrupt Ottawa climate criminals

We must keep the pressure on. Even while ecocidal forces attack Canada’s environment minister, those hoping to avoid societal collapse can’t stay mum on the former Greenpeace employee’s climate crimes. Last Thursday I interrupted Steven Guilbeault’s press conference to challenge his approval of the Baie du Nord offshore oil project. I asked the minister of... Continue Reading →

Liveability of planet requires an end to ecocidal capitalism

Every year since 1969 humanity’s resource consumption has exceeded earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources by an ever-greater volume. Damaging the planet’s life support systems will eventually spur the collapse of human civilization. Despite this, the CEO of CIBC Victor Dodig recently said Canada needs to be “obsessed with economic growth”. Published on the front... Continue Reading →

Trudeau lobbies Biden to maintain climate-destroying Trump policy

US President Donald Trump’s climate criminality has been shocking. His administration’s contribution to worsening this existential threat to humanity will be remembered as his most damaging policy. Largely in response to the president’s ‘spew more fossil fuels’ outlook Noam Chomsky described Trump as “the worst criminal in human history.” Pressed on the matter, Chomsky recently told... Continue Reading →

Planet of the Humans backlash

The backlash may be more revealing than the film itself, but both inform us where we are at in the fight against climate change and ecological collapse. The environmental establishment’s frenzied attacks against Planet of the Humans says a lot about their commitment to big-money and technological solutions. A number of prominent individuals tried to... Continue Reading →

Canadian GHG emissions grow

While governments’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic proves significant resources can be marshalled quickly in a crisis, there is little evidence official Canada sees global warming as a comparable emergency. Even though Justin Trudeau’s Liberals say they take climate change seriously, Canadian greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are actually increasing. According to the inventory report the... Continue Reading →

Is Trudeau really a climate criminal?

Is Trudeau really a climate criminal? During a rally/press conference before the September 27 climate strike/protest in Montréal a friend interrupted the Prime Minister to label him a “climate criminal”. When Trudeau joined the enormous march, I dogged him yelling “criminel climatique/climate criminal”. A week later I was detained and given a $150 ticket for... Continue Reading →

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