How foreign policy shaped election outcome

  The Canadian foreign policy status quo won Monday’s election. Of course, when it came to international and military affairs the vote had little upside. All the parties with a chance of winning seats in Parliament promote a corporate, military and Washington-centred foreign policy. But a Conservative victory would have made things worse. At least... Continue Reading →

Party leaders all promote racist, mythical foreign policy

At the English language election debate Conservative leader Erin O’Toole claimed Canada “led the fight against apartheid” in South Africa. The absurd statement has gone largely uncontested, reflecting a racist, mythologized, view of Canada’s place in the world. Does anyone believe that Canada was a stronger opponent of White minority rule in South Africa than... Continue Reading →

Erin O’Toole’s racist obsession with China

Erin O’Toole’s Conservative party is obsessed with China and to counter the Chinese “threat” they openly appeal to British colonial settler solidarity. The Conservatives’ election platform refers to “China” 31 times and “Chinese” 10 times. By comparison Saudi Arabia is not mentioned once, which is far more authoritarian at home and violent in its region.... Continue Reading →

NDP in bed with neocons over China

  Canadians truly committed to a rules-based, peaceful international order need voices in Parliament to speak up against militarism and the US empire. Instead we get a supposed ‘left’ party indistinguishable from the right. The recent flap over an award given out by the Halifax International Security Forum highlights how the NDP is jumping into... Continue Reading →

Globe & Mail fearmongers about foreign influence while ignoring US government funding to Uighur Rights groups in Canada

It’s curious how Globe and Mail reporters troubled by foreign influence over Canadian politics regularly turn to US-government-funded groups in this country. Are they aware of this irony? Or is their purported concern about foreign influence really about demonizing China? According to a recent article by Robert Fife and Steven Chase, the Trudeau government is... Continue Reading →

Time to refocus from Hong Kong to Haiti

For those who support a truly just foreign policy comparing Canadian politicians’ reactions to protests in Hong Kong and the slightly more populous Haiti is instructive. It reveals the extent to which this country’s politicians are forced to align with the US Empire. Despite hundreds of thousands of Canadians having close ties with both Haiti... Continue Reading →

Sinophobia sweeps Canadian politics

Paranoia, disregard for evidence and over-the-top rhetoric to encourage hate. And I’m not talking about Donald Trump’s Republicans. Progressive Canadian should counter a wave of McCarthyite Sinophobia sweeping this country’s politics. The over-the-top reaction to a recent “Zoom to Free Meng Wanzhou” highlights the issue. The event was labelled “Chinese Communist Party propaganda” in the House... Continue Reading →

National Post’s John Ivison is the real ‘useful idiot’

Who is the useful idiot? According to National Post columnist John Ivison, I am. (“Useful idiots of the world unite - and they have, with 'Free Meng' event”) So are others who challenge the narrative that authoritarian China is such a danger to the US/Britain/Canada/Australia/New Zealand "Five Eyes" settler colonial states’ way of life that... Continue Reading →

Questioning Canada’s “One China” policy is not progressive

In a recent commentary Georgia Straight editor Charlie Smith suggested Green Party candidates’ path to victory was to question Canada’s “One China” policy. According to Smith, the candidates “missed an opportunity to win over the large number of Canadians who trace their roots back to Hong Kong and Taiwan and who are thoroughly disgusted with... Continue Reading →

Canada’s relationship to China rooted in century of imperial violence

Canada is locked in a hostage standoff with China that doesn’t look likely to end anytime soon. As relations with the world’s most populous nation deteriorate, it’s important to consider some history shaping the conflict and the impetus for the latest dispute. While most of the media present this conflict in a simplistic us-versus-them, good-guys-bad-guys... Continue Reading →

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